Fallout 4 Disposed After Online Feature Curbed

It is a never ending discussion when it comes to Fallout 4 as fans continue to pile the pressure on Bethesda, to acquire confirmation on the game’s development. Meanwhile, the Fallout fans have been closely listening to the rumours to get a rough idea on the status of Fallout 4.

If the latest rumour is to be referred to, then it seems that Fallout 4 is no longer in development and has been thrown to the bin. The word is that Bethesda is keen to transform Fallout 4 into an MMORPG but has faced an unmovable obstacle, thus, forcing them to discard the Fallout franchise once and for all.

In detail, the rumour is pointing out that Fallout’s original creator, Interplay Entertainment, is the entity that is stopping Bethesda from forcing online gameplay in Fallout 4. The latter is clearly upset by this as they cannot do as they please on a title that is already owned by them.

Of course, the above is merely a rumour so it is best to take it with a pinch of salt. As it stands, Bethesda is still pending to confirm Fallout 4, hence, leaving the fans in the waiting room for about 7 years now.


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