Fallout 4: A Dramatic Status Update

It is a never ending roller coaster ride for fans of the Fallout franchise that are tirelessly waiting for Bethesda to launch, or even announce on Fallout 4. In just one month, there have been many events that are tipped to be where Fallout 4 gets unveiled but it failed to materialize.

The fans are clearly clueless on the status of Fallout 4 and are desperate for information, as well as explanation. Now, the latter has been granted after Geoff Keighley went on an Ask-Me-Anything session on Reddit and starts spilling the beans on Fallout 4.

The popular gaming figure is well known for hosting many major gaming events and also pre-announcing many games. When questioned at Reddit, Geoff revealed that Fallout 4 was actually en route for an announcement at the recent Gaming Awards.

The lad added that it was already talked about in a dinner meeting that involves him and the head-honchoes of Bethesda. However, it wasn’t properly planned and when TGA 2014 took place, Bethesda cancelled Fallout 4’s announcement due to it not being at the right time yet.

The game developer is not a fan of pre-announcing games but even when there is no confirmation; fans believe that Fallout 4 is being produced. It is unsure if Geoff’s explanation is suffice to ease the frustration of the fans but if his words is to be believed, then it won’t be long until Bethesda says a thing or two on Fallout 4.


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