Evolve New Updates Brings Bob Back, Loyal Fans Not Happy

The developers of Evolve made the right move when they decided to offer the game for free now. The numbers of players have bee going up and the new update should help bring back more players as well.

The full notes for the new Update 2.10 for Evolve are up now. One of the biggest updates that the patch will be bringing the Behemoth. The Monster will now be available for all players in Stage 2 and it will come with a few new abilities. Behemoth will now have a new passive called living fortress which will allow the monster to take less damage. They also made some changes to the other skills.

The original player was not too happy that the once exclusive Behemoth is now being offered to everybody.

The update will also make tutorial mandatory before you start playing a multiplayer match. There are also new weapon skin and monster skin in the store right now. You can read the full update notes on Steam here.


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