Evolve: Deepest Dark Is A Stranger Things Wannabe?

Evolve have definitely gotten more attention after it was released as a free games. Those that were on the fence could now pick up the game and try it out. When they made the game free, they announce that they will be doing more to the game and now they’ve shown us what ‘more’ means.

The new DLC for Evolve was released. Called the Deepest Dark, the new DLC will feature come with a new map. The map will only be available on the CO-OP vs Ai matchmaking queue.

As nice as it is, some people seems to have noticed that the DLC sort of reminded them of Stranger Things. We are sure it is probably just a coincidence but the similarity is there.

We are glad that they are actually working on making the game more interesting now. The base of the game is promising but it definitely lacks content. Check out the launch trailer for Deepest Dark below.

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