Elements On Mass Effect 4 Found On Dragon Age 3

Both the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series are two of the biggest gaming franchises around and they are owned by Bioware. Throughout the years, both Dragon Age and Mass Effect has been closely developed with each other and this is because they both offer similar style of play.

Now that Dragon Age Inquisition has been released, what can Mass Effect fans learn about the game in anticipation for Mass Effect 4? Well, the first element is size. Dragon Age Inquisition offers a huge gaming world that requires a weeks of non-stop gaming hours to complete it. We can expect Mass Effect 4 to come out with a huge playable area too.

Also, Dragon Age Inquisition comes with an online multiplayer mode. Perhaps, such a feature too will be introduced in Mass Effect 4. After all, Mass Effect 4 is going to run on Frostbite 3 game engine, just like Dragon Age Inquisition.

Of course, both Dragon Age and Mass Effect are still two very different games as the former is based on the fantasy genre while the latter is built on the sci-fi era.

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