Elder Scrolls Online for Xbox One and PS4: What Caused The Release Delay?

Elder scrolls online is a superb game for anyone who likes to play MMO RPG games. Owners of the PC have had a lot of fun playing it, however those who own the PS4 or Xbox One haven’t.

There has been even more bad news from Bethesda as Elder Scrolls isn’t going to arrive on the consoles anytime soon. It seems that fans of the game could have to wait until December for the release of it.

One of the problems has been with integrating it into the system, manufacturers have their own networks and so it does take a lot of time to adapt the game to all of them.

There is some good news and that is that players of the game on the PC are able to transfer their saved games over when it does come out on the consoles.

It was said that gamers will get a discount and this will be $20/€14.99/£12.99/AU$20.

The delay is annoying, but it seems that at least Bethesda are trying to do what is right.

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