Elder Scrolls 6 To Blindside Fallout 4 In 2015 (Rumor)

Fans of the Fallout franchise are in for some bad news. Even after going through years of wait for Fallout 4, it seems that Bethesda’s other AAA title is going to get produced first. This is suggested after a job description leak puts Elder Scrolls 6 favourites to make its debut ahead of Fallout 4.

In detail, the job opening confirms that Bethesda is looking for a voice actor and the description comes with a quote, “fighting war in Skyrim”. Also, things are now more certain for Elder Scrolls 6 after it was confirmed by insiders that the game will be set in Argonia.

Of course, these are all based on rumours and it is best taken with a pinch of salt. Elder Scrolls might be the better selling franchise but it is simply not right to leave the Fallout series in the dark. Fans of the latter have been waiting close to 7 years for Fallout 4 and Bethesda should address that as soon as possible.

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