Elder Scrolls 6 Argonia: Stealing Should Be Tougher

The Elder Scrolls series might be a great RPG to play but there is one issue with the game and that is with the in-game finance. If players are to carefully observe their respective gameplay, they will notice the ease of making money in an Elder Scrolls title.

Even in the worst possible moments, players can simply steal and sell the stolen item for money. Well, we are calling for more balancing to this particular feature in the future Elder Scrolls 6 Argonia game.

Elder Scrolls 6 should not repeat the mistakes of the past by making stealing an easy task. The game should be difficult and Bethesda can only achieve this is they are to make the stealing feature tougher to execute than ever.

By this, we are suggesting for Bethesda to impose a heftier fine and stronger guards in Elder Scrolls 6. Perhaps, the NPCs too can be the eye of the public to aid the guard in curbing thieves.

If such a system is implemented in Elder Scrolls 6, players will surely feel the financial pinch and start finding alternatives ways to make money. What do you think?

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