Elder Scrolls 6 Argonia: Death To Thieves Guild!

Let’s face it. Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim is only decent at best. Bethesda has failed to turn the game into a golden title due to poorly written main plot and also failing to maximize the options in the game.

One example is with the factions in the game. In case you are unaware, players can destroy the Dark Brotherhood completely but get no opportunity to obliterate the Thieves Guild.

I personally would love to do the latter since I find the faction a poison in all of Tamriel. This is because Thieves Guild encourages stealing and this basically takes the financial burden out of the game.

With that being said, I wish Bethesda will allow players to destroy the Thieves Guild in Elder Scrolls 6 Argonia. The game is expected to get announced at E3 next month and I can’t wait for it to get released. Just don’t screw it Bethesda.

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