Elder Scrolls 5 Paid Mods Highway Robbery Will Be Investigated

The Elder Scrolls 5 paid mods controversy has stirred Pete Hines to speak up and he said that he wants to give them another shot. He also said that the paid mods would need to wait until Bethesda have shipped out Fallout 4, which is going to arrive in November of this year.

The Elder Scrolls 5 paid mods system meant that modders could out their mods up for money instead of giving them away free of charge. Bethesda then took 45%, Valve got 30% and the modders just 25% and it has been said to be nothing short of highway robbery for the modders.

Bethesda however said that 25% is what modders get through the Steam Workshop and this is what they have always got. However Valve took the paid mods down and they said that they did so as they didn’t understand what they were doing.

Hines said that if the Elder Scrolls 5 paid mods come back Bethesda still wants a cut of the profits from them and of course you can expect them to want a large sum of those profits. While it has been disastrous from the start it does look as though Hines is going to re-evaluate it.

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