E3: Titanfall Is the Best-Selling Xbox One Game According To EA

Titanfall, a successful multiplayer-shooter and now officially the best-selling Xbox One game to date. This statement is according to Electronic Arts COO Peter Moore when he was interviewed by Game Informer.

“Sales are always going to be inhibited and governed by the install base, but [Titanfall] is attaching incredibly well,” Moore said. “Titanfall is the best-selling title on Xbox One lifetime to date.”

The claim wasn’t supported with any sales numbers or figures. The last known numbers were announced in March and it was 925,000 units but this number isn’t completely accurate as it counted PC versions and was only reported from US retailers. In addition to that, these numbers were announced even before the 360 version of the game was released in April.

According to a recent post by The Wall Street Journal ,a new Titanfall game is in the works and it is expected to also come on PS4 consoles this time. The Xbox One-Titanfall bundle may have played a huge role in making this game as successful as it is today as this bundle is priced at the normal Xbox One console price, $499, but it also contains a copy of Titanfall.

Tell us what you think of Titanfall if you had the chance to experience the game yourself.

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