Dragon Quest X Localization Not Out Of The Windows Just Yet

Fans of the Dragon Quest franchise have been hoping that Square Enix would localize the game and have it translated but so far, Square Enix does not seem to be too interested in doing so.

According to Fujimoto, translating such a huge game is not an easy task. He also added that it is a rather difficult decision from a business standpoint which means Square Enix is not too keen on doing it. However, he did add that if a lot of their fans are requesting it, then maybe Square Enix will do it.

Well, that is not a yes but it is not a no either so there is obviously still hope for the Dragon Quest X fans.

We could see why Square Enix is hesitant. Since translating the whole game is no easy task, they would want to make sure that their effort is not wasted. What if they do all the hard work and the game did not do as well oversea?

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