Dragon Age 3 Review: Lack Of Viable Healing A Downer

There is no doubt that Dragon Age Inquisition is the best RPG game in the world right now after it enjoyed an explosive launch late last year. Dragon Age Inquisition basically offers players a rich storyline that continues from the stories in the previous titles.

Also, Dragon Age Inquisition offers player tons of new features to try like new tactic options, new button layout, new interface, weapon crafting, armour crafting and many more. Heck, there is even a multiplayer online mode that comes with Dragon Age.

Game developer Bioware has certainly got everything right for Dragon Age Inquisition as it manage to distinguish itself from the likes of Fable and Elder Scrolls Skyrim.

On the flip side of the coin, there are also many problems that come with Dragon Age Inquisition. For starters, the game is full of bugs and glitches but players are thankful that most of them does not have any major effect on Dragon Age Inquisition.

Also, players find it hard to progress in the game. This is because players can only hold 8 healing potions at a single time whereas in previous Dragon Age, players can carry 99 potions at one time. On the bright side of things, players don’t have to spend their money on potions as the item is automatically replenished when at a campsite. Furthermore, new potions recipes can be unlocked to grant more healing bottles that can be carried.

All in all, Dragon Age Inquisition is thoroughly mass and engaging. Even today, most of the players have yet to fully complete the game despite having spent days of gaming hours to progress in Dragon Age Inquisition.


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