Dodge Challenger Will Get Hurricane Update As Well

It has long been speculated that Dodge might be thinking about fitting their upcoming new Dodge Charger with their new Hurricane engine and if that happen, we should be seeing the Challenger arriving with the same engine as well.

The new Hurricane engine is a twin-turbocharged 4 cylinder engine that will deliver about 300hp when it arrives. Not only will it match the output of the current engine but it is believed that the new engine will be a lot more fuel efficient compared to the current engine.

Of course, a lot of people were against the idea of fitting a 4 cylinder engine under the hood of the Charger or the Challenger even though it means that they will be saving on fuel cost but if Dodge can prove that it is actually a better engine than the engine it replaces, their fans might start changing their minds especially since the new engine will be offering a little more power.

Steven Estevez

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