Dodge Challenger Hellcat: Too Much For Amateurs

The Dodge Challenger Hellcats is one of the top performance models around which is probably why those three amateurs in St, Peters Missouri decided to steal them from the dealer’s lot last week. However, things did not turn out they way they’ve planned it.

The three teenagers decided to steal the Challenger and Charger Hellcat from the dealer but only manage to drive it for less than a mile before the police caught up with them.

According to Mellissa Doss, a Police Office, the teenagers just lost control of the vehicles and were caught shortly after. With a 707hp under the hood, these Hellcats are not the easiest cars to handle and these thieves just had to learn it the hard way.

Of the four cars that were stolen, three was recovered but two of the Hellcats were totaled. It was later revealed that the teens came all the was from Kansas City to steal the cars which is odd and the police are still trying to find out why.

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