Dishonored 2 PC Still A Work In Progress

The release of Dishonored 2 on PC was ruin by all the bugs and glitches the game had and even now, the developers are still trying to sort of some of the issues that players have been having with the game.

The third update patch will fix some of the issues that PC players have been experiencing. After the update, players will be able to disable the camera motion blur. If you turn off v-sync twice, the frame rate of the game will drop to 30 and we are still waiting for them to fix it.

As this is only a beta update, you will have to manually choose to download this update by going to Properties > Beta Patch.

The patch will only fix some of the issues for now. The developers will continue to work on the game to ensure that most of the bugs will be fixed but that would probably only happen after a few more patches.

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