Dishonored 2: Kill Yourself To Survive

One of the most interesting parts about the Dishonored game is that players can play around with what they have and come out with various ways to save themselves, or kill people.

One of the new features in the new Dishonored 2 game is that if you play as Emily, you are able to create a double and use the double to distract her enemy but one player found out that there might be more use for the double than just distracting the enemy.

Tom Francis tweeted that he has found a way to survive a long fall. You’ve probably guessed it by now but in case you didn’t, you can actually create a doppelganger and the base of the fall and dropkill the doppelganger to survive the fall.

The trick is a little messed up but it works and that is all that matter at times. Check out the video in the link.

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