Diablo 4: Jump Aboard The Hype Train!

There have not been a Diablo update for sometime now but it looks like Diablo fans will have somehting to look forward at Blizzcon this year.

We have not heard from Blizzard yet but s few streamers and content creators have already receive the goody bag for this year’s Blizzcon 2016 and in it might be some hints to the upcoming Diablo installment.

Among the goodies in the bag is a Diablo Dice Bag which contains a dagger weapon as wlel as a misprinted four sided Dice. While most people think that it is just a mistake, others think that there is more to the misprinted four sided Dice.

Some fans think that the Dice might be a hint to an upcoming new Diablo game. Of course, the Dice alone is not enough to finish to puzzle but hopefully Blizzcon 2016 will shed some light on it.

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