Diablo 4: Hope Aboard The Hype Train?

Even though Blizzard has never mentioned that they are working on the Diablo 4 game a lot of poeple seems to think that that is the case and that Blizzard is looking to anounce it at BlizzCon this year. However, the reason why they think it is going to be announce is a little far fetch.

It is all becasue of a small dice that Blizzard gave out in their goody bags. Among all the items was a Diablo-themed dice including a four-sided one. Many fans believe that the four sided dice could be pointing towards a fourt Diablo game.

Other has also pointed out that when the dice is rolled, the dice will read 1-1-4 which some of them interpreted as 11th of Novmber, the day Blizzcon starts. It also does not help that this year is the 20th anniversary of the game.

What do you think? Is this hype train heading somewhere or should we abandon it now?


Steven Estevez

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