Destiny’s Future Looking Bright!

We don’t often see the Bungie team leave their office for a show so when they do, it is clear that they might have something very important to announce. So what is this new and exciting thing that they wanted to show us? Well, we don’t know.

The image that they end up showing was heavily pixilated. According to Bungie, the image will only get more transparent and less pixelated in time but we don’t know when the tease will last. Along with the teaser images was the statement that “the future is bright and hopeful, as it always is in Destiny.”

Only Bungie will know what they meant for now. Bungie also took some time to knight a few of their staffers.

As of now, we know that the next DLC will be the Rise of Iron which will be released on the 20th of September. We also know that Bungie plans to work on a sequel. We don’t know how this new teaser will fit in so all we can do now is wait.


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