Destiny, Pokemon Go, Super Smash Bros: What Do They Have In Common

Other than being some of the most played games at one time, all these games also come with one annoying feature and that is the in-game microtransactions.

NPD Group did a survey asking people what they feel about games that come with Microtransactions or paid DLCs and here are some of the findings from the survey. It was revealed that male and teens were the ones that purchase DLC and spends more on microtransactions.

It was also revealed that people are more likely to spend on microtransactions than DLCs.

Based on the survey, they also concluded that a huge percentage of non-purchasers did not purchase because they are not willing to spend money on the game. 48% felt that the content was not worth paying for. 50% of non-DLC purchasers thinks that DLC are not worth the money while 16% think that the DLC should have been part of the game.

Do you agree with the survey results? What is your view on paid DLC and microtransactions?

Steven Estevez

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