Destiny Now Offered For Free, So What’s The Catch?

If you check out the game Destiny right now, you would notice that the game is listed as free? So did Bungiee secretly change it into a Free-to-Play game? Well, not exactly.

The pruchase option is a little confusing now but basically, you will be able to download the game for free now but the free version is actually more like a trail version. The demo version will come with only Earth and The Tower. If you like what you see and would like to purchase the game on its own, well, you can’t.

After all the DLC has been released, Bungie has not taken off the option to buy the game on its own. The only way you can buy it now is to by the new collection. Destiny: The Collection will come with the game and also all its DLC.

To be fair, we can see why they are doing that. Since a lot of the content are intemixed with the DLC now so it will be easier if the new players just get all the DLCs.


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