DeepDown Only Have Only February

The game Deep Down was announced back in 2013 when Sony first announce the Playstation 4 and despite Capcom promising that the game is still being developed, we still have not seen the game.

Just when we thought that the game might have been shelved, Capcom sends in a request to have the game’s trademark extended. However, the extension will only give Capcom six months tops. That means Capcom will have to come out with a viable product by February to keep the name.

Of course, they can always give the game another name but if they planned to keep Deep Down, they will have to come out with something February and with so little news and detail about the game, we can’t help but feel that they might not make it.

We all thought that Capcom might have already forgotten about the game but it looks like they still have plans to work on it but what is taking them so long?


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