Deep Down: The Day Will Come

The game Deep Down was one of the first PS4 games that were announced. The game was announced way back in 2013 but after so many years, still no Deep Down. So what is going one?

Although some fans think that Capcom might be giving up on the game, we know for sure that Capcom is still working on the game but we do not know why they are taking so long to complete it.

We know that Capcom has made a lot of changes to the game as Yoshinori Ono commented that the game is very different from the 2013 version that we all saw and that they need more time but how much more time are we talking about.

The trademark for the game was renewed earlier this year so it is clear that Capcom still has the intention to continue working on it. Let’s hope we get to hear more about the game soon.


Steven Estevez

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