Death Stranding Won’t Let You Wait For More Than 4 Years

There is really not a whole lot of details about Death Stranding, the upcoming new Kojima game. The dev has been releasing trailers and hints but they never really did explain what the game is all about the trailer and announcement did not help at all.

We know that Kojima was inspired by whales getting stranded on beaches and that the game will be an open-world game but the storyline is still a mystery. Everything we have seen so far indicated that the game is still far from being complete which means it will be a few years before we get to actually see the game.

Fans have been making wild guesses as to when the game would be arriving and it looks like Kojima is going to make that a little easier for us by giving us a rough release window.

According to new reports, the new Death Stranding will be arriving before the Tokyo Olympics which will be happening on 2020. So that means less than four years before the game is release.

The wait is far from over but at least we have something to hold on to.

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