Dead Rising & Dead Rising 2 Remaster: Mark Your Calender

It looks like people are just having a hard time keeping the lid shut on the Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 remasters.

The game was leaked before the developers were ready to announce the remaster and now it looks like we might have some new details on when the game will be arriving.

According to Microsoft, the upcoming Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2 as well as the Dead Rising 2: Off The Record will all be released on the 13th of September. The date was listed on their Xbox Store.

Besides revealing the arrival date of the remasters, Microsoft also revealed a new triple pack that will contain all three remaster versions of the Dead Rising games. We still have not heard from Capcom yet and Microsoft seems to have corrected their “mistake” although the Tripe Pack announcement is still up.

Let’s hope that more details will be reveal as we get closer to the release date.

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