Dead Island 2: Why Are They Taking So Long?

We know that the Sumo Digital has just gotten their hands on the game and that it would be unfair to blame them for the delay of the game but what if the delay was really their fault.

The Dead Island 2 has been passed from one developer to another developer so we were already expected the game to arrive later than expected but with so little news about the game, some people believe that we might even have to wait for a few more years before we will actually see the game.

So why are they taking so long? There are reports suggesting that the reason why there is so little information about the game right now is because the developers, Sumo Digital has decided to throw all the previous development out of the window and start fresh. That includes a new story as well as a new mechanic for the game.

If that is true, it would explain why there is not little detail about the game right now. Deep Silver has already assured their fans that the game is being developed so we know it is going to happen but how long do you think we will have to wait?

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