Dead Island 2: Updates Not Significant Anymore

The last update we got from the developers of Dead Island 2 was that the game has not been shelved and that the developers are still working on it but that is all we got. Since then, no new details were released and we are still as clueless as we were at the start of this year.

We all thought that after changing a few hands, Deep Silver has finally decided to kill off the game for good. That was when the game was taken out from Steam but Deep Silver stepped forward to reassure they fans that they are still developing the game.

Some fans believe that we might actually be able to see the game this year but based on how little detail we have right now, we would be surprised if the game actually made it out this year. We think 2017 might also be a little too optimistic at this point.

Our only hope is that the game will be able to live up to its name. After such a long wait, the fans will not be happy if the game is not worth the wait.

Steven Estevez

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