Dead Island 2: Reason Behind Delay?

With the game changing so many hands, we were already expecting the game to be slightly delayed but with so little news about the game right now, many believe that there might be more reasons why the Dead Island 2 is taking so long to arrive.

Some people believe that the developers might have actually thrown away whatever they have come out with before and decided to start from scratch. That could explain why the developers are taking so long to complete the game. It is said that they are working on a new story, mechanic and more.

If that is really the case, that could mean that we might have to wait for 1 or 2 more years before we actually see the game.

It was initially thought that Deep Silver might have decided to kill of the game when the game was removed from Steam but they step out to clarify that the game is still under development although no release window was announced.

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