Dead Island 2: Push It Aside For Now

A lot of fans of the first Dead Island game were looking forward to seeing the game this year but of course, no sequel was ever found.

Some fans thought that the game might have been axed in secret but Deep Silver has already assured their fans that the game is still being developed right now and that they have not given up on it yet.

If that is the case, when will we be seeing the game? While the developers have not mentioned anything about the release date of the game, some people think that we might only be getting it at the end of next year or maybe 2018.

It is said that the developers might have decided to develop the game from scratch once more and that they have thrown away all the stories that the previous developers have came out with. Others also believe that the new developers are working on a new mechanic or the game.

If that is really the case, that means that we might have to wait for awhile before we actually see something from the game.

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