Dead Island 2 Not Out Of The Picture Just Yet

The Dead Island game was an instant hit and the fans were more than happy when the developers announce that they will continue to work on a sequel to the game but things have been going downhill since then.

Things looked like it was working out at the beginning but then it started to look a little shaky when Yager Development had to pass the game over to Sumo Digitial. News about the game slowly trickled to a stop and then there was that whole Steam incident from the game was removed.

At that time, most fans probably had thought that it was the end of the Dead Island 2 and that we will never be seeing the game but it looks like that is not the case as Deep Silver made it clear that they are still working on releasing a sequel to Dead Island.

It has been reported that Deep Silver might be taking up a few booths at Gamescom this year. Some fans are hoping that they might actually announce something Dead Island related at the event but let’s wait and see.

Gamescom 2016 will be happening on the 17th of August until the 21st of August.

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