Dead Island 2 Missing In Action Once More

We know that the game Dead Island 2 is not dead yet but we were hoping that we will get a little more information about the game sometime this year but that is looking very unlikely now as Dead Island 2 misses out on another big event.

Fans were expecting to hear about that game at E3 this year but that did not happen and when it was reported that Deep Silver will be taking up a few booth at Gamescom 2016, everybody thought that they will be showing us some extra footage or screenshot from the Dead Island sequel but that did not happen at all.

Dead Island 2 was missing from Gamescom 2016 as well which means the game is probably far from ready.

There have not been a lot of news about Dead Island 2. The game was so quiet that everybody thought that they have already killed the sequel but Deep Silver came out to assure their fans that they are still working on it although they did not reveal when the game will be ready for released.

How many of you are actually still interested in the game?

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