Dead Island 2: 2016 Looking Very Unlikely

Here is the thing, we have been waiting for Dead Island 2 for years now. With the game changing hands and all, most people would accept that the new developers will need more time to complete the game but how long are we talking about here.

The last we heard, it is believe that the Dead Island 2 would actually make it out at the end of this year but from what we are seeing right now, we do not think that they will be able to release it this year.

The last Deep Silver announcement was just to assure the fans that the game is still being developed but that is all. Fans were hoping that they get to see the game at E3 or Gamescom 2016 but the game was a no-show at both those event.

If not for the developers assuring us that the game is still being developed, we would have assumed that the game has already been shelved and that no sequel will ever be arriving. How long more do you think we need to wait?

Steven Estevez

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