Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Bayonetta: Best Boss Fights To Date

Some games just slot in a few boss fight here and there so that you won’t get bored. Those bosses are usually easy to beat and forgettable but then there are games where you would fight a boss and feel like you have beat the game but you have not and there is still a long way more to go.

One of the games that has one of the best bosses fights ever is Dark Soul. No boss is easy to take down, players have to be mentally and physically prepared to faced them not that the game gives us time to prepare.

Since Bloodborne was created by the same developer, we were expecting the boss fight to be as challenging and frustrating and they did not disappoint. Fans also listed Bayonetta 1 and 2 as games that had some interesting boss fights?

What other games do you think has one of the best boss battles?


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