Dark Soul Inspired Game Still Going Strong

Everybody was excited when Capcom first announces their new and upcoming game Deep Down. The game was announced when Sony announced the new Playstation 4 a few years ago and now after so many years, we are still waiting for the game to arrive.

The game instantly reminded us of Dark Soul which was probably why people were so interested in it. There have not been a whole lot of information about the game and when the game did not make it to E3 this year, a lot of people believe that the game might have been axed but that is not the case.

Capcom has just extended the trademark for Deep Down indicating that they are still interested in making the game. The extended will only give Capcom another six-month which means they will have to come out with a viable product in six months or the trademark will not be extended.

That means we should be seeing something from Capcom before February. If they fail to meet the deadline, they will risk having the name snatched by others but of course, they can always just change the name of the game if they wanted to.

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