Dark Soul Inspired Deep Down Still Alive

With so little news about the game, most people would have thought that the game was dead before it could make it out but it looks like the developers have not given up on it yet.

The game was announced back in 2013 along with the Playstation 4 and because of its similarities with the popular game Dark Soul, gamers were actually looking forward to seeing what the game will have to offer.

The game appeared a few times since the announcement but slowly faded into the shadows as time passes. Just when we thought that Capcom might have forgotten about it, they renewed the trademark of the game once more. This the fifth time the trademark has been renewed.

According got the US trademarking law, Capcom will have to produce the game before the trademark expires in February next year or they won’t be able to renew it. Does this mean that the game will be completed soon?


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