Cyman Mark 3 Assistant Is The Real Life J.A.R.V.I.S?

If you think having Siri is enough, you are clearly delusional. When it comes to virtual personal assistants, there is nothing that can compete with the Cyman Mark 3.

The digital butler basically keeps you organized and helps you search for information. It is as simple as reading out the “remind me to” command before speaking your intent. The Cyman Mark 3 is truly accommodating as it can even tell you a joke every day at a specific time.

The Cyman Mark 3 is also detailed when it comes to searching at Google. It knows the difference between how and what. Heck, the Mark 3 will perform a Google Image search if the user mentions ‘looks like’ at the end of their search query.

Aside from that, the Cyman Mark 3 also reads out news headlines, translate text, open and close tabs in Chrome, tell you jokes, convert between different units of measurement as well as find nearby places of interest. It is truly the best digital assistant around.

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