Cyberpunk 2077: Not Messing Around

CDPR has just released the GOTY edition of their popular game The Witcher 3 and we also know that they are busy working on the new Gwent game. With them working on so many things, will they be able to focus on the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 game?

CD Projekt Red has reported that they are currently working on the game and that they actually have more people working on the game now compared to when The Witcher 3 development was at its peak.

With more people working on the game and their experience with large games, it should take them a little less time to complete the game. No release window have been announced yet but the fans are hoping that we might be able to see the game next year.

There is not a whole lot of details about the game but we know that this new game will be set in the future instead of medieval times like The Witcher 3.

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