Cyberpunk 2077 Could Take Less Time To Complete

CD Projekt Red created one of the best open world game we have ever played and that means they have set the bar pretty high for themselves. According to CD Projekt Red, their next game, called Cyberpunk 2077 will be even bigger than the Witcher 3. Does that mean that we will have to wait even longer before we get to see the game?

Well, not really, in fact, they might even take less time to complete Cyberpunk 2077 compared to the Witcher 3. That is because they now have a lot more experience when it comes to creating huge games. CD Projekt Red did say that working on the Witcher 3 has helped them understand how to create open world game better.

We also know that they were using some of the feedbacks they got from the Witcher 3 to upgrade the engine that they will be using to create Cyberpunk 2077. According to CD Projekt Red, they are hoping that the upgraded engine would allow them to do a lot more with the engine and also work faster.

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