Crash Banidcoot Or Last of Us 2: What Is Naughty Dog Working On First?

Naughty Dog have brought out some of the best games for the PS3 and some of the games have put the player right into the game and it’s been like they were in a movie. This has been something that no other games could do.

They have launched some huge games, Last of US and Uncharted included. Now there is a rumour that they are developing a new game, but they haven’t given us the games title. Uncharted 4 is not it as we already know that this game is being developed.

It could perhaps be a sequel to the Last of Us or it could be that Crash Bandicoot is making a return. Of course it could be a brand new game.

We did hear that it would be on the same scale as Uncharted, so fans were hoping that they would hear something at the E3 about the new game. So what would you like it to be, a sequel to one of the games out now or a brand new one?

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