Crackdown 3: No Space For It In 2016

The game Crackdown 3 was pushed back into 2017. So what is the reason behind the delay? Well, it is because there is no space for it in 2016.

According to Aaron Greenberg, the Xbox marketing manager, Microsoft has so many games to offer this year on top of all the other thrid party games that they were glad that the game will only be arriving in 2017.

He also added that Microsoft is trying to space out the releases of the game so that the year won’t be too cramped with new games. He said that they had more than enough AAA game this holiday season and do not need another big AAA game squeezing in so it was better if the team was given more time to work on Crackdown 3 and only release it next year.

The new Crackdown 3 game will be released on the Xbox One and PC and has now been scheduled to be released in 2017 although it is believed that a beta version of the game will be release before that.

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