Christmas Gift Ideas: iPad Terrible For The Elderly

Christmas is right around the corner and for those last minute shoppers looking for a device to treat the senior folks, it is best to stay away from the Apple iPad. This was the advice given out by every ex-Apple employee.

The used-to-be staffs of Apple shared that the iPad is viewed like a therapist for the elderly citizens. With years of experiences in handling the senior folks on the sales frontline, the ex-employees confirm that most of their senior customers like the iPad because of the convenience offered by SIRI.

Things get more harmful for the elder folks starts talking to the iPad non-stop. In one incident, an old lady was revealed to be standing the Apple Store for hours, talking to the iPad. The problem is that the old lady’s voice lacks clarity, thus, making life difficult for Siri.

This can cause more harm than good. With hours being spent on a fruitless conversation with the iPad, the elders are at risk of forgetting about their medication and even their meals. There was also that one point of time where the old folks got physical with each other to secure their purchase for an iPad.

In another occasion, elderly customers are also reported to go all emotional as they share their sad life stories with the iPad. The folks clearly have no idea on the actual purpose of the iPad and viewed it as a mechanical therapy session.

With that being said, it is best to avoid the Apple iPad as a gift for the senior citizens. Like how the tablet is a fragile piece of tablet, the elderly too is like a glass waiting to get shattered.


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