Chevy Impala & Cadillac XTS Faulty Brakes Trigger New Recall

If you are driving the Chevrolet Impala, or the Cadillac XTS, then you should immediately drive your car to the nearest authorized service centre. Parent company, General Motors, has announced a recall on the 2013-2015 Cadillac XTSs and 2014-2015 Chevy Impalas due to a major issue.

The problem is identified to be with the electronic parking brake which fails to fully retract when driving. An investigation by NHSTA revealed that the affected cars suffered from inappropriate autonomous brake when moving, which puts the life of the driver and passengers in danger.

The brake pads are revealed to stay glued to the rotor and are at risk of starting a fire from excessive heat produced when moving. However, there has yet to be any accidents of mishaps that are caused by this fault.

Drivers are advised to immediately get their vehicles checked. If their vehicle are found to suffer from the fault, they will get a software upgrade that will remove the issue once and for all.

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