Chevy Camaro 1LE vs BMW M2: No V8, No Talk!

The Chevrolet Camaro 1LE is better than ever now and a lot of people think that it does have what ti takes to compete with models like the BMW M2 but can the V6 engine do it alone?

The Chevrolet Camaro 1LE with the V6 engine will deliver about 335hp and 284lb ft of torque. The BMW M2, on the other hand, will come in with an inline 6 engine that will be offering about 365hp and 343lb ft of torque when it arrives. If you were to look at this alone, it is clear that the Camaro 1LE is at a disadvantage here but that does not mean that Camaro is out of the fight.

There is still the V8 powered model which should have what it takes to take on the BMW M2. Of course, the engine is not going to be the only deciding factor here but would you ever choose the V6 Camaro 1LE over the BMW M2?

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