Chevrolet Camaro SS: Driver In Greater Risk

Chevrolet will be issuing a recall after it was reported that the side seat belt for the driver might not work correctly.

Chevrolet issued a recall to recall the Chevrolet SS but the SS is not the only model affected. The other model that will be affected by the same recall is the Caprice Police Pursuit vehicle.

According to the report, the action of entering ad exiting the car repeatedly could wear down the tensioner cable causing the cable to fail. If that happens, the driver;s side seat belt will fail to work correctly.

A total of 15,486units of the Chevrolet SS and Caprice Police Pursuit will be affected by the recall. Affected Chevrolet SS will be those made from the 14th of May 2013 until the 27th of April 2016. Caprice Police Pursuits that will be affected will be those build from the 14 of May 2013 until the 14th of June 2016.

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