CES: Sony Xperia Z4, Z5, Z6… All Android Phones Not Expected Unfortunately

We are days from this year’s CES and there is a lot of hype built towards the major tech event. This is because many smartphone manufacturers will be unveiling their upcoming flagship device at the happening and among them is the Samsung Galaxy S6.

For the Sony fans however, it is more bad news for them as the Japanese tech giant announced earlier today that they won’t be following their competitors in flaunting their upcoming smartphones.

In detail, Sony shared that they will instead use CES as a platform to unveil their new connectivity features for their gaming console, the PS4, and television. When questioned about future smartphones, Sony simply said that they will reveal more on them at MWC.

With that being said, Sony smartphone users will have to wait a while longer if they wish to learn more about the Xperia Z4 and other future devices. On the other hand, fans are hoping for Sony to at least talk about the Lollipop OS update roadmap for the existing smartphones.

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