Bully 2 & RDR2: Rockstar Needs To Come Clean About Its Upcoming Release

Rockstar has got its fans all worked up by confirming that they’re working on a new IP. Lots of fans think this game might be Bully 2 or Red Dead Redemption 2. There’s a few who think it might be GTA 6 but this is almost certainly way too early.

There’s also the possibility that the game could be Agent – here’s why.

Sony first spoke about this game in 2009, so it could well be ready by now, aaaand…Take Two extended this game’s trademark recently.

Sony has also said that Agent will be PlayStation exclusive. There’s been no more info about the game so it could well be ready by now.

Agent’s development has been confirmed by Rockstar’s Italian website but this didn’t tell us when it’d be available. Take Two’s CEO suggested that there was work on a Rockstar title going on and that this title will be coming out on the Xbox One and the PS4.

The IP that Rockstar have been talking about is looking most likely that it is going to be Agent, considering all the hints that are pointing in that way.

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