Bugatti Chiron Will Be The Only One You’ll See

We have all seen the new Bugatti Chiron and although there were reports saying that we might see the Bugatti Chiron come in a few other forms in the Future, Bugatti has now confirmed that there will only be one Bugatti Chiron ever, the standard version.

Some fans were hoping that after the Bugatti Chiron, Bugatti will start working on a few other body options including the roadster and convertible models but Dr Stefan Brungs from Bugatti announce that their focus right now is to sell the 500 units of Bugatti Chiron.

While we might not see the Bugatti Chiron coming in with another variant, we might still see Bugatti release a more powerful Bugatti Chiron. The standard model is believed to be able to hit a top speed of 261mph. It is believe that Bugatti might be able to push the Chiron to hit 288mph. However, even if a faster model was made, we probably will not be seeing within this few years.

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