Bugatti Chiron: No Such Thing As A Limit

What the Bugatti Chiron is offering right now is way more than what the Veyron had to offer but if you think Bugatti will be happy with that, you will be wrong.

The current Bugatti Chiron will be coming in with a 1500hp engine, that is about 300hp more than what the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport model was offering in the past. As impressive as that is, it is believed that Bugatti might be looking to offer a more powerful model in the near future.

According to Durheimer, the Bugatti Chiron will be getting an upgrade. It is said that Durheimer is working on a new Bugatti Chiron Super Sport model that will be pushing out about 2000hp and will have a top speed of 268hp. The Chiron model we have right now has a top speed of 239mph. With the top speed mode, the vehicle will be able to hit 261mph.

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