Bugatti Chiron Doubling Up On Doors

The Bugatti Chiron looks just right as it is now but has you ever wondered how it would look like with an extra set of doors.

Well, we have not but artist X-Tomi has. He even came out with a rendering to show us what he thinks the four-door Bugatti Chiron will look like. According to the artist, the inspiration to create on came when Wolfgang Surheimer said that a Bugatti sedan might happen.

The current Bugatti Chiron was stretched so that it can now have two more doors and a row of rear seat. The end result is actually quite pleasing. If do not know if Bugatti will ever give the sedan a greenlight since sedan is not really high in demand right now but if they do, we won’t mind it a bit if it comes looking like this.

What do you think?

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